You Matter to God. You matter to us.



Want to be part of our family? Here are a few simple steps to help you get connected to Centerpoint Community Church.

Join one of our teams that make the church happen!
Hospitality Team
This team is all about making sure that you feel welcome when you come to visit our church whether it’s on a Sunday or at any other time. They also help keep the church building stay clean and the snacks and coffee flowing at our cafe.
Prayer Team
The prayer team focus is to do exactly what’s in the name, and that is to pray! This team is responsible for making sure that Centerpoint is always engaging with our primary focus as Christians which is to pray for our church, others, and the community. 
Community Outreach & Discipleship Team
This teams focus is to find specific ways that Centerpoint point can engage our community whether it’s through church events, participating in town events, or just helping though who need an extra hand in everyday life. They are also responsible for mentoring and disciplining others into a greater relationship with Jesus.
The worship team are the ones who are responsible for making worship services run. They help organise musical worship, preaching, sound and special services among other things.
Women’s Bible Study
More information coming soon!
Men’s Bible Study
More information coming soon!
Baptism is a visible symbol of the invisible grace of Jesus Christ. We celebrate water baptism as a sign of the commitment between God and the believer. Along with the Lord’s Supper (communion), baptism is a sacrament of faith prescribed by Jesus for the Christian believer.


The local church isn’t a place to go or a service to attend, but a people committed to following Jesus together. We express our commitment to Jesus and one another through covenant membership. The first step in becoming a member is attending a Foundations Class. Foundations is a one-time meeting where we share a meal and learn what it means to be part of our local body of Christ.